White Mandala yoga mat by DIYogi - the mandala lines can be coloured into. Base made of natural rubber for extra cushioning; extreme non slip surface
Mandala on yoga mat by DIYogi
Mandala yoga mat in white by DIYogi yoga mat brand in a yoga studio
White yoga mat with mandala print in a yoga studio by DIYogi
Yoga pose on Mandala white yoga mat by DIYogi

DIYogi Mandala Yoga Mat - White

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The DIYogi mat is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable and is made with sustainably sourced natural tree rubber.

Its extremely non-slip surface absorbs moisture to give you ideal grip even during Hot Yoga. Its soft, smooth to touch texture allows you to transition easily between poses.

Under the surface of this mat there is an inner layer of antibacterial cotton that provides the comfy cushioning your joints deserve - no more aching wrists & ankles!

The lines of the Mandala are permanent and they will never erase.


Dimensions: 184cm x 61cm; Thickness: 4mm; Weight: 2.5kg

Comes with an adjustable carry strap for easy transport.


Personalising your DIYogi Mat

You can choose to personalise this mat by colouring into the Mandala or integrating it into a drawing of your own. The lines of this Mandala are made so that you can continue the contours to all areas of the mat. 

Compatible markers: Stained by Sharpie 

The colours will never rub off from sweat, friction or cleaning - they will not transfer to your clothes or body – not even during Hot Yoga.

The Stained by Sharpie markers are not included with the mat but need to be bought separately. The Mandala DIYogi mat is compatible with all Stained by Sharpie colours.