Did you show up for yourself today?

I was kneeling on my yoga mat when I realised I hadn't been having motivation to work out for a very long time and that I had fallen behind my self care routine.
I took a marker and wrote a message to myself straight on the surface of my workout mat to give myself a motivation boost that’d be in my view each time I practiced and to remind me to step on my mat more often. This message was:  ‘Did you show up for yourself today?’
Having written this down and seeing it on my mat each time I practiced really helped motivate me more than I had thought. It also made me wonder what other unexplored ways there would be to improve people's motivation to show up for themselves each day on their yoga mat. Being able to write quotes on your mat would be a start, but the workout mat would also need to provide a total upgrade from all other available mats in terms of grip and support. My ultimate goal in setting out to discover this was simple: helping us all to look forward to each practice.
did you show up for yourself today?
I set out to create a yoga mat that has a grip that makes you forget about ever slipping again, that keeps you focused on your workout and makes your evolution noticeable from one practice to the next. This grip would be instant without the need to use your mat many times for it to become non-slip, like with most mats.
I thought of a yoga mat that's thick enough and dense so that our wrists would never hurt, is easy to clean and antibacterial so that we don't worry about all the unseen icky stuff when we roll it at home or at the studio. And also, a gorgeous design that draws you to it every day and that you can even personalise at home with just a marker and your ideas.
And that’s how the idea of a professional and customisable yoga mat began!
2 years since diyogi.com was launched, we’re unbelievably grateful to have sold thousands of extra grip DIYogi mats to creative and eco-conscious yogis in 30+ countries all over the world. We also got featured in online and paper publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Mail and Om Yoga Magazine.
diyogi in the press

The best of all is that we received amazing, heartfelt reviews and feedback from our wonderful customers and community that truly make my heart melt and is at the core of why we do everything.

customer reviews

How the DIYogi mat was born

The question I had initially written down on my mat got erased after a few workouts and washes. However, it started a long journey of tireless research and passionate work together with manufacturers, product designers and yoga and Pilates professionals. Together we created an eco-friendly mat that gives each yogi the opportunity to have the ultimate support for their practice and allows them to make their own writings and drawings directly on it - but this time without their art ever rubbing off afterwards. 
5 yoga mats of different colours rolled next to a wall
We named the brand DIYogi from DIY (do-it-yourself) and Yogi; the world’s first professional yoga mat that you can customise at home with markers. 
woman holding a white yoga mat

We're small and proud of what we do

The part where you can draw on your yoga mat is just an added bonus - the DIYogi mat was primarily made to be the best mat for anyone's practice whether or not they choose to customise it. DIYogi provides you with the strongest grip right from the very first time you practice on it. Its 4mm thickness is ideal for your joints and its floor-sticking corners never roll up or curl under you.
Plus, the DIYogi mat has something no other mat has: a special layer of antibacterial cotton at its core to keep it hygienic for longer no matter how intense your practice gets. With the best support right under your feet there’s no limit to what you can achieve in your workout routine.
If personalised with markers, the drawings will never rub off when you practice or clean your yoga mat. The cherry on top is that each mat comes either with colour-in contours or drawing stencils to help you out if you ever do choose to get creative and even if you don't have confidence in your artistic abilities.
From mats decorated by children to inspire their mama’s practice, to the cutest drawings of everything from mandalas to peacocks and avocados, as well as an inspiring share of motivational quotes – we’re in awe at how creative people get on their yoga mats, but are also extremely grateful and flattered by those who message us to say that they are so pleased with their DIYogi mat as it is that they can’t bring themselves to customise it.
purple yoga mat with a peacock drawing on it

Here to be kind and serving

DIYogi has now evolved from just myself and my dream to a small team, and our only purpose is to be close to our customers and create yoga mats that elevate their practice and support their daily motivation and healthy lifestyle. We’re here to be kind and serving, to create products that truly make a difference and that are practical, ethical and eco-conscious.
Our biggest pride is being able to give our customers instant and dedicated one-to-one guidance in a quick, friendly and helpful way whenever they ask for it – no chat bots, no automatic messaging, no help desk or extended response times – we are just that small and that dedicated to make sure you are pleased with our mats.
We truly believe that if we continue to act in a way that is thoughtful and brings value to others, we’ll keep on creating wonderful things for a long time to come, and we’d be so grateful to have you join us on our journey!
With lots of love,
DIYogi Founder
woman holding many colourful yoga mats