Frequently Asked Questions

We've made a list of the most frequently asked questions about the DIYogi yoga mats. We're including it below and we hope it will help you find the answer you are looking for. If you still need help, then please contact us at and we'll reply within 24 hours.

DIYogi and the environment

The surface of the mat is made of eco-friendly Polyurethane, which is the material that’s responsible for its amazing grip and resilience to cleaning. Under the surface of the mat there is a layer of cotton. These different layers are bound together without using any glue. The mat as a whole is 100% recyclable.

A way to recycle your yoga mat is to contact a non-profit organisation that might be able to repurpose it – either by donating it to people who need it or by recycling it so that it can be turned into a new useful product. 

Maybe we can help out – if you get in touch with us and let us know where you are based we can perhaps share the details of some organisations you can reach out to for recycling your mat in your area.

Latex allergies

The DIYogi mat contains natural rubber, and while there’s not a scary amount of latex in there, latex still is part of the material. So if you’re allergic we suggest you use a different mat – ideally one that is eco-friendly as well, just not containing natural rubber.

Personalising your DIYogi yoga mat

The Stained by Sharpie markers will never transfer from your mat onto your clothes or body if you leave the mat to dry for approx. 2 hours after you have drawn or written on it. The colours will never rub off no matter how often you exercise, what style of yoga you do (including Hot Yoga), how much you sweat or how much you are touching the drawn-on areas while you practice.

The drawings are resistant to regular cleaning as long as you clean your DIYogi mat using a damp cloth with some regular dishwashing liquid and water.

You will not be able to erase the drawings once you have used the Stained by Sharpie markers on your mat. 

Absolutely - once you have decorated your mat and allowed for enough time for it to dry afterwards, you can use your DIYogi mat as you would use any other yoga mat - including in Hot Yoga classes. 

We have tested many markers to see if they are completely compatible with the DIYogi mat and so far we have only found Stained by Sharpie markers to not smear at all from sweat, friction or regular cleaning of the mat. However, if you do choose other drawing tools, our advice would be to choose some that are non-toxic and also to make sure they are waterproof & friction-proof so that you don’t get any colours on your clothes or body during your workout. If you are in doubt, just try out your markers on a small area of your mat and see how the colours behave during your workout or after washing.

Purchasing DIYogi products

Currently, we are able to ship to every location in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada and we cover all customs duties, additional fees and taxes. The only cost you will cover is the price displayed at checkout.

If you wish to buy DIYogi mats in bulk please send us an e-mail at or visit our Wholesale page.

Also, if you wish to become a DIYogi distributor we'd love to hear from you and we are always available to reply as soon as possible.