Personalising a white DIYogi yoga mat using markers and the mandala, leaf and lotus drawing stencils.

Decorate your yoga mat using markers

There are truly limitless possibilities to how you can personalise your DIYogi yoga mat if you choose to draw or write on it.

The Art DIYogi mats can be customised on their entire surface by colouring into the Mandalas that are already engraved on the mat or by creating your own designs on the mat's surface.

Or you can ignore the contours and just use your wonderful imagination!

For a full guide on how to personalise your yoga mat, click here.


Below are just a few ideas to get your creative juices (and your body) flowing:


Mandalas give us all a sense of calm and balance - so having one on your yoga mat while practicing helps you deepen your focus inwards. Plus they are just so visually pleasing! 


Intentions for your yoga practice

If you have a recurring intention for your practice you can now write it down on your DIYogi mat so it’s always in your sight.

‘Breathe’, ‘Enjoy’, ‘Let go’. What’s yours?


Yoga mat quotes

What’s your favourite quote? Write it down!

Here’s a good one we love: ‘You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is, then, not an act, but a habit’.

That way you will have it in front of your eyes for extra motivation whenever you practice.



3 things you are grateful for

Get a positivity boost while you practice!

Pick your main sources of gratitude and write them down on your mat so they are always within sight.


Yoga mat alignment lines

You can use the DIYogi mat to draw alignment lines that are tailored specifically to your own body. You can design them just as you like them, knowing exactly which alignment cues will help you most when you practice. 

If you wish to avoid having your mat look too 'technical', our tip is to integrate them into a wider drawing!


A yoga mat with personalised messages

Ask the most important people in your life to leave their marks on your mat – names, signatures, small drawings or supportive messages and good wishes.

Imagine always having a reminder of their love and support in front of you while you practice! 


Child's pose on a white personalised DIYogi yoga mat