How to Personalise Your Yoga Mat

You can draw or write using Stained by Sharpie markers on all DIYogi yoga mats, knowing that the colours will never transfer to your clothes or rub off during practice or when cleaning the mat.

The drawings stay put even during Hot Yoga - so you can take your yoga mat to any class after you personalise it.

 Girl drawing on a DIYogi Mandala yoga mat with a marker. The yoga mat has a Mandala engraved on it that she is colouring into.

Yoga mats you can draw on

 All plain DIYogi yoga mats come with a set of 4 yoga-themed drawing stencils that have been created to help Yogis everywhere make drawings that inspire them in their practice.

They can be used by people of all artistic abilities and are compatible with the size of the mat as well as with the size of the Stained by Sharpie marker tips.

The Mandala DIYogi mat has pre-made contour lines that are engraved on the mat and that you can colour into, like a large-scale page from a colouring book!


Preparing to make your yoga mat unique

Cleaning a blue DIYogi premium yoga mat with a cloth


  • Clean your DIYogi mat by wiping it gently with a damp cloth using water or a diluted solution of water and regular dish soap

  • Leave to dry away from direct sunlight until fully dry 

    Decorating your custom yoga mat

    Drawing of a Mandala on a white personalised DIYogi yoga mat using Sharpie markers and stencils.

    • Use Stained by Sharpie markers, easily found online or in stationery stores

    • The drawings  will not smear from sweat, friction or cleaning - not even during Hot Yoga

    • Leave to dry for about 3 hours

      Caring for your bespoke yoga mat

      • After having followed the steps above, you can clean your yoga mat as needed using a damp cloth with water or water and dish soap

      • The colours of the markers will never rub off slightly fade with time due to regular use and cleaning, however you can always colour on top of them so your drawings will always look fresh!

      Lastly, we'd love to see how you chose to personalise it, so why not share it with us? You can do so by tagging us @diyogi.mats in your Instagram photos or using the hashtag #diyogi when you post!