No more ocean plastics

£1 from each yoga mat sold helps remove plastic from our oceans

As a yoga mat brand we are small, but our impact matters too. We said no to using plastic in any of our yoga mats - they are all 100% recyclable and biodegradable, PVC-free, made with sustainably sourced materials and packaged without using any bit of plastic. But we want to also do our bit to help with the plastics that are already in the environment.

This is why, when you buy a DIYogi mat, we donate £1 to Clear Blue Sea to help with their project of removing large quantities of plastic from our oceans without affecting marine life. Bit by bit, hopefully we can all change things for the better.⁠

Clear Blue Sea is a non-profit located in San Diego, California, whose mission is to cleanse the oceans of plastic pollution. They're an organisation staffed by over 100 volunteers, interns and mentors, and are committed to innovating robotic solutions for removing plastic pollution from rivers, bays, and oceans the world over, without affecting marine wildlife. Eight million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. This pollution damages marine life; weakens ocean-based economies; and increases risk to human health. Over the decades, huge garbage patches have formed in every ocean, the largest estimated to be the size of Texas.

Without cleanup efforts, these massive marine garbage patches continue to grow in size and damage to the environment. One of Clear Blue Sea’s latest innovations is FRED – the Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris. FRED is a solar powered marine vessel capable of harvesting floating marine debris. Clear Blue Sea has developed four FRED Prototypes and in 2021 began its FRED Pilot Phase. As well as FRED, Clear Blue Sea also has a number of other innovative technologies that are helping in the prevention of pollution and clean-up – including Mr Trash Wheel - a stationary vessel positioned in the Baltimore River to catch marine debris before it reaches the harbour.

It is powered by its water wheels and solar panels and operated by a human crew. Clear Blue Sea educates communities on the problems and solutions of marine pollution by giving classroom workshops, hands-on projects, and beach clean-ups. It also collaborates with marine scientists to advance research on the impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment, as well as supports changes to policies, regulations, and practices to prevent further proliferation of plastic pollution and perform global cleanup of our oceans.