What to do after you receive your new DIYogi yoga mat

Cleaning your new mat

After unpacking your mat, the first step is to wipe it with a damp cloth, perhaps also using a tiny bit of dish-washing liquid. This is to remove any impurities the mat may have. Please do not use any oil-based mat cleaners as these are not compatible with the surface of the mat.

After cleaning your mat, keep it unfolded to dry away from direct sunlight.

Regular cleaning

Please refer to the cleaning instructions on the back of the mat's label for more tips and ideas.

Wipe your mat with a damp cloth at least once a week using just water or, if needed, a mixture of water and a drop of dishsoap. 

Leave the mat to dry away from direct sunlight.

Do not use any oil-based mat cleaner as it may stain the surface of the DIYogi mat.


If you plan to draw on your DIYogi mat

You can draw on all DIYogi yoga mats except the plain black DIYogi mat

To personalise your new yoga mat, clean it first to remove any impurities on its surface. 

Once you finish drawing, let  the ink dry for approx. 3 hours before using your mat. 

For regular cleaning once you've drawn on your mat, the same cleaning instructions apply (see above).


What markers to use

We recommend using Stained by Sharpie markers. The ones we sell in our shop come in 4 colours, but you can find more colours from this brand of markers online. In the UK, more colours from Stained by Sharpie are sold in online stores like Amazon. This may also be applicable for other countries as well.

So far, we've found that only this brand of markers is compatible with the surface of the DIYogi yoga mat. However, if you wish to try out other markers, perhaps look for permanent textile markers and try them on a very small surface of the yoga mat first to check if they're resistant to cleaning and exercising.

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