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This special yoga mat that you can colour into is the perfect combination of a yoga & Pilates mat with an unbeatable grip and a fun colouring kit!  You can personalise it by drawing directly on its surface, without your drawings ever rubbing off afterwards or affecting its incredible non-slip grip. This mat has a Mandala pattern on it that you can colour in to. You can also draw on the entire surface of the mat, not only inside the Mandala pattern!

Grip: unrivalled grip on both sides

Materials: one mat is made with sustainably sourced natural rubber bottom, antibacterial cotton core and eco-friendly polyurethane surface

Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm (72 x 24 in) - longer than most mats

Thickness: Ideal thickness of 4mm

Weight: Approx. 2.5kg (5.5 lbs)

1. A sturdy and adjustable carrying strap for easy transport

2. Cleaning instructions

3. Instructions on how to customise your mat using markers

4. 100% recyclable packaging

  • Markers: Stained by Sharpie markers are compatible with the DIYogi™ Art mat. These are found in our Shop. 
  • Once you customise your mat, your drawings will never rub off. You can use and clean the mat with full confidence that your design will last.

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GRIP: extreme grip on both sides, no matter how sweaty or dynamic your workout

FLOOR-STICKING CORNERS: Stays flat on the floor or carpet, does not move from under you, does not roll up at corners

BEST THICKNESS: Ideal thickness that protects your joints and supports you in balance poses or inversions

HYGIENIC: Antibacterial cotton layer inside to keep the mat hygienic for longer

READY TO GO: Does not need breaking in and it is ready to use immediately

EASY TO CLEAN: Smooth, easy to clean surface


Comfortable for your wrists and ankles

Non-toxic. PVC-free. No industrial dyes or glue. 100% recyclable and vegan.

stay clean

The mat has an extra smooth surface that is pleasant to touch and easy to clean. Inside the mat, there is a layer of antibacterial cotton that keeps it hygienic for longer.

more space

The DIYogi™ mat is longer than most mats, making it ideal for people of all sizes. The mat is also easy to roll up and to store without taking up much space.


The DIYogi™ mat is perfect for yoga, Pilates and all body-weight exercises.

made with love for people and nature

5% of profits donated

Towards 2 NGOs: one that helps remove plastic from our ocean without affecting marine wildlife and one that helps develop remote rural communities through buidling the longest nature walking trail in Eastern Europe.


You can draw on your yoga mat using Stained by Sharpie markers. Just pick a quiet afternoon for some mindful colouring and expect it to become a mini workout as you move around the mat to finish your masterpiece! The colours will never rub off from sweat, friction or cleaning and they will never transfer to your clothes or body – not even during Hot Yoga.

now you can

Write, draw, colour


carrying strap included with each mat

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