DIYogi Miniseries: Day 1 of Your Regular Yoga Routine

This gentle yoga flow is your first class of the DIYogi miniseries. This class explores poses that are all about duality — that balance between effort and ease, openness and expansion, strength and stretch. You’ll awaken your muscles and deepen your flexibility to help ease into a new habit of stretching and practising mindfulness on a daily basis.
Your teacher: Zara Carmichael
Yoga mat: The purple mandala DIYogi yoga mat

>>Check out the Purple Mandala DIYogi Mat Here<<

DIYogi makes great yoga mats with non-slip surfaces to hold you firmly in all postures, with an extra benefit that you can write and draw on your yoga mat using markers. The mats either come with patterns that you can colour in to or a set of free drawing stencils that you can mix & match to make amazing designs even if you're not an artist.