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Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers
Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers
Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers
Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers
Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers
Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers

Set of 4 Stained by Sharpie Markers

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The Stained by Sharpie markers are the permanent fabric markers from Sharpie. These markers are ideal for customising all DIYogi™ yoga mats as well as jeans, T-shirts, backpacks and other fabrics. They are permanent, wash proof and rub-proof.

This set includes 4 colours: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Once you draw on the DIYogi yoga mats with Stained by Sharpie markers, your drawings will never rub off and you can use your personalised yoga mat just as you would use any other workout mat. Once it’s customised, you can take your customised DIYogi mat to Hot Yoga, clean it, roll/unroll it or use it for more intense bodyweight workouts.

The colours of the Stained by Sharpie markers are vibrant. The brush tips have fine points, which allows you to draw lines that are thinner and create work that is more detailed.

The colours will never rub off but if they fade with time you can simply apply more colour on top of your existing drawings.

    Usage and Cleaning Instructions

    These markers are waterproof. After you draw on it, clean your DIYogi™ yoga mat using a damp cloth, water and a bit of dish-washing liquid.

    Allow 3 hours for the ink to dry on your DIYogi™ mat before you use or clean the mat.


    You can use the Stained by Sharpie markers on all DIYogi™ yoga mats, no matter the colour of the mat.

    You can use these markers all over the surface of your DIYogi™ mat – you don’t have to stay within the lines of the Mandala!

    The Stained by Sharpie marker tips are compatible with the DIYogi™ drawing stencils that come with the plain DIYogi™ yoga mats. The drawing stencils have been especially designed to be used together with the Stained by Sharpie markers

    The colours of the markers somewhat blend into the colour of the mat, so for the grey DIYogi™ yoga mat we suggest using the black and blue markers as they will be most visible given the darker colour of the mat

    Other options

    Other markers may also be compatible with the DIYogi™ yoga mat, however Stained by Sharpie are the only ones we can guarantee will not rub off following our extensive testing. If you wish to use other markers, we suggest going for permanent fabric markers and trying them out on a small area of the mat first

    Stained by Sharpie markers are also available in 4 other colours: yellow, orange, pink and purple. These colours are not available on our website at the moment, but they can be easily found online

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