The DIYogi Yoga Mat.

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Shop yoga mats that are eco, non-slip, cushioned, hygienic, customisable and easy to take everywhere.

DIYogi white yoga mat in a yoga studio
Mandala yoga mat by DIYogi
White customisable yoga mat by DIYogi being personalised using markers
Blue yoga mat by DIYogi in a yoga studio
DIYogi pink non-slip and eco-friendly yoga mat in a yoga studio
DIYogi white yoga mat in carrying strap

Carrying strap included

Best Yoga Mat Features

DIYogi white yoga mats in a yoga studio

Non-slip and comfortable

The sticky surface of this yoga mat gives reliable support, even during Hot Yoga. Plus, this 4mm thick yoga mat has a cotton inner layer for comfort and added support.

DIYogi blue yoga mat being held in the carrying strap it comes with


All DIYogi yoga mats are free from PVC, Phtalates, glue or toxic dyes. Made with sustainably sourced natural rubber for outstanding grip. 100% recyclable

DIYogi white customisable yoga mat being personalised using drawing stencils

Create your own yoga mat

Option to make your own personalised yoga mat by drawing on its surface using markers. All plain DIYogi mats come with a set of 4 drawing stencils included.

DIYogi pink yoga mat made for travel using the carrying strap included

Extra long and easy to transport

184cm long to allow yogis of all sizes to stretch fully on their yoga mat. The mat comes as part of a yoga set including a yoga mat carrying strap.

DIYogi Yoga Mat Reviews

DIYogi pink yoga mat in a yoga studio with girl in lotus pose on it

Karina Vihta - Oxford Yoga Teacher

" The perfect yoga mat - excellent grip for strong poses yet still enough slide for wavy flows, I am in love!


Stefania Menga yoga teacher review for the DIYogi yoga mat

Stefania Menga - London Yoga Teacher

"Outstanding grip, perfect thickness - all you need to perform a stable and controlled practice"

Aurora Bowkett yoga teacher - review for the DIYogi yoga mat

Aurora Bowkett - London Yoga Teacher

"DIYogi mats are incredible quality, sticky under the hands and make my practice effortless! "

Option to design your own yoga mat

Floral patterns

Looking for beautiful printed yoga mats? Why not make your own patterns? The plain DIYogi yoga mats come with nature-themed stencils that you can mix and match to obtain your own yoga mat print.

Make your own personalised yoga mat

Write down positive affirmations, motivational quotes, favourite lyrics and messages from your loved ones or draw on your yoga mat using the stencils provided. Create your own yoga mat art!

Yoga alignment lines

Draw your own yoga mat alignment lines and perhaps integrate them in a more elaborate drawing using the stencils provided.