White DIYogi yoga mat made with eco friendly materials for a non slip and perfectly comfortable practice. 100% recyclable
White yoga mats by DIYogi in a yoga studio
White DIYogi yoga mat with mandala patterns drawn on it using markers
Colourful yoga mats in a yoga studio by DIYogi


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Enjoy a stable practice and worry-free balance on the grippiest mat for yoga, Pilates or fitness! The DIYogi white yoga mat gives you complete control over your position on the mat no matter how sweaty your palms get or how dynamic your workout is. This grippy gem also has a layer of antibacterial cotton straight under its surface that makes it more cushioned than other mats – no more painful wrists, ankles, nooks and creases!

The DIYogi mat stays glued to the floor throughout your practice and its corners will never roll up or inwards thanks to the bottom part of the mat, which is made of sustainably sourced natural rubber. The natural rubber bottom, antibacterial cotton insert and extra grippy surface of the mat are bound together without using any glue; this makes all DIYogi mats mats fully eco-friendly and recyclable.

DIYogi is also longer than most mats – it fits yogis of all shapes and sizes! Plus, you’ll be able to make the most out of its surface since its corners will not bend over time, but remain stuck to the floor whenever you practice on it.

Complimentary carrying strap included.

Technical details

Dimensions: Longer than most mats at 183cm (72 inches) (tall yogis rejoice!), 61cm (24 inches) wide

Thickness: 4mm

Materials: Natural rubber, antibacterial cotton and custom eco-friendly polyurethane

Comes with: A free adjustable carrying strap and a set of 4 yoga-themed, reusable drawing stencils 

Cleaning: Clean the mat regularly with a damp cloth and a bit of regular dishwashing liquid. Avoid oil-based cleaners as they may stain the mat.

Storage: Roll up the mat with the black layer towards the inside to avoid fold marks on the mat's surface. Keep the mat stored away from direct sunlight.

Why DIYogi™ mats are eco-friendly

DIYogi mats are eco-friendly and do not contain anything that can be harmful to your body or the environment. They are free from Phthalates, PVC, toxic dyes or glue and 100% recyclable and vegan. The natural rubber used to create this special yoga mat is sustainably harvested and the packaging used to deliver it is fully recyclable.

We say no to plastic pollution

When you buy a DIYogi yoga mat, we donate £1 to Clear Blue Sea, a non-profit that helps remove large quantities of plastic from our oceans without affecting ocean wildlife.

Customise your yoga mat

You can choose to personalise this mat by using the stencils it comes with and Stained by Sharpie markers. 

Stencils: Mandala, Leaves, Lotus Flower and ‘Om’ Sign.

The colours will never rub off from sweat, friction or cleaning - they will not transfer to your clothes or body – not even during Hot Yoga.

The Stained by Sharpie markers are not included with the mat but need to be bought separately.

5% to Covid-19 help

In these troubled times we donate 5% from each mat sold towards the World Health Organization's Covid-19 Response Fund. The money donated will go towarding helping prevent, detect and respond to the pandemic in countries most affected.

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