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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers in 2020!

If your friend, sibling or significant other is a yoga bunny (or a yoga reindeer, to make it more in tone with the festive season!), it only takes a ‘best yoga gift’ search on the web to make you feel overwhelmed with all the options, especially if you’re not usually a yoga…elf yourself (rhyme intended).

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Meditation 101: How To Sit Still And Like It!

We take time to clean our rooms, desks, e-mails and schedules – yet we often overlook cleaning the most valuable tool we have – our minds.  When it comes to meditation, getting started is the hardest part - just like with any new habit. What’s very helpful is that you get to see its benefits after just a short while; just a few sessions in and you’ll notice that setting aside as little as 5 minutes every day to sit still with your body and mind goes a long way. Meditation clears your mind of any stress, fear, anxiety, worries, repetitive thought patterns or any other bugs flying around your head, and this makes it so worth the effort! 

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8 Reasons You Should Draw on Your Yoga Mat

You know when you’re in this wobbly, difficult pose in your yoga class, feeling you’re going to lose balance in a few seconds? But then you focus your vision on one tiny point in front of you to calm your mind and – switch! - you’ve entered a whole new mental state of stillness and mindfulness that channels your focus inwards. It is in this state of mind that it is possible for your body to achieve more than it did when you had all the thoughts roaming in your head. Think about it – all this new-found concentration came from focusing on that little still point in front of you. But what if you could draw that point yourself,...

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Best 2021 Valentine's Day Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Cover photo by Cally Johnson-Isaacs Every day is an opportunity to celebrate love and our loved ones – but there comes a time in February when you can feel the whole world celebrating love in unison, helping us all to handle the winter days a whole lot better – we’re talking about Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you are here because your significant other is a...

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