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How to choose your yoga mat

One of the fundamental teachings of yoga is about staying connected with ourselves, with each other and also with our planet as a whole. It’s only natural to expect that yoga mats would be made of materials that leave as small of a footprint on our planet as possible. Ideally, yoga mats should be made by using sustainably-sourced natural materials, like natural rubber yoga mats, cotton, cork or even wool or jute. These materials would then be made into yoga mats by using eco-conscious manufacturing processes that don’t create toxic waste. Unfortunately, this is often not the case for some yoga mats you can find online or in stores.   Materials that are not eco-friendly are actually the ones that are most often used when making...

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers in 2020!

If your friend, sibling or significant other is a yoga bunny (or a yoga reindeer, to make it more in tone with the festive season!), it only takes a ‘best yoga gift’ search on the web to make you feel overwhelmed with all the options, especially if you’re not usually a yoga…elf yourself (rhyme intended).

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