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Best 2021 Valentine's Day Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate love and our loved ones – but there comes a time in February when we can feel the whole world celebrating love in unison, helping us all to handle the winter days a whole lot better: we’re talking about Valentine’s Day!

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift for the yoga bunny in your life, it takes a ‘best yoga gift’ search on the web to make you feel overwhelmed by all the options and more confused about what gift to choose than before you started looking!

Before you rush off to get a card and chocolates instead, why not skim through this list we’ve put together of the best yoga gifts you can find online for Valentine’s Day.

1. Bespoke Yoga Gear

Yoga stencil on a yoga block

Photo: @yogastencil

Yoga wheels, bricks and gorgeous yoga outfits – there’s a lot of BEAUTIFUL things to choose from out there. If there’s one thing you need to take away from this post it’s this: channel your efforts towards getting your beloved Yogi something both practical and tailored to their needs and likes. A unique or personalised yoga gift would show a lot of thoughtfulness – so we suggest you find out what they would need to help their practice and then look around for how that item could be made bespoke to them.

Our favourite: The multi-purpose yoga stencils from that you can use to decorate clothing, yoga mats, yoga bricks and even walls. Speaking of wall decorations, @callyjanestudio is releasing her framed yoga illustrations soon and they are adorable!


2. A New Yoga Mat

White DIYogi yoga mat rolled up and held in a yoga studio

We could not help mentioning this given this is a website that sells yoga mats… but before you cringe and dismiss this as a ‘subtle’ marketing effort – hear us out. Remember, the holiday season that has just passed provided us all with an opportunity to look ahead towards 2019 and make resolutions for self-improvement. Most people make New Year's resolutions around personal fitness, so chances are your (yoga) lover is no exception and is working towards achieving their goal as we speak. A yoga mat that is an upgrade from their existing one would help them become even closer to that goals. Bear in mind, yoga mats do get used up with time so a new one is sure to provide them with the fresh, grippy practice space they need.

Our favourite: The one we recommend is the DIYogi White yoga mat . Bonus: You can use markers to personalise this yoga mat for your partner with a cute message to remind them of your support while they practice!

3. A Place in a Yoga Retreat

DIYogi Yoga Retreat

Photo: @jivaolivia

Yoga retreats are now easy to find to suit everybody– from the ones in exotic locations to those for people with multiple hobbies like together like yoga and cycling, yoga and drawing or –yes! – yoga and wine tasting. Most organisers have retreats scheduled multiple times a year and they understand the need to keep timings flexible – if you contact them they might even be able to get you more date options so you don’t accidentally lock in your partner’s holiday plans!

Our favourite: the upcoming retreat in Rickesh by @jivaolivia and the gin and Yin retreats (you read that right - it's gin!) available at

4. A Private Yoga Class

DIYogi Private Yoga Class on DIYogi yoga mats

There’s a lot of demand for yoga classes right now and as a result many yoga classes are overcrowded. This means teachers need to divide their attention to lots of students – so to truly make your Yogi feel pampered why not sign them up for a private yoga session where they can have their teacher’s undivided attention to help them improve even more. Find out the yoga style they like most before booking and you can’t go wrong!

Our favourite: 1-1 London-based yoga sessions with Stefania Menga!

5. A Photoshoot with a Yoga Photographer

Yoga Photoshoot DIYogi on blue DIYogi yoga mat

Perhaps your bendy partner would love to have a set of photos of themselves doing yoga – and this has nothing to do with being vain!

Yoga photos are great even if they are not intended for publishing on social media: yogis everywhere think of them as a way to celebrate what their bodies can do. Or, put another way, when your Yogi is 90 and only slightly less bendy (after a life of yoga!) they’ll be glad to look back at themselves in their yogi prime!

A professional photoshoot isn’t difficult to organise and doesn’t have to be costly – yoga photographers and brands (Hint! Hint! – including us) are always on the lookout for models to build their photo portfolio so the photoshoot may even be free for you – you just have to do your research and ask around.

Our favourite: Photoshoots by

6. Book Your Partner on a Yoga Teacher Training Taster Session

Yoga teacher training class taster session

If your friend is the 'bunniest' of yoga bunnies and is considering some teacher training to take their passion to the next level it may be a good idea to book them for taster sessions for classes that help amateur yogis become professional yoga teachers. Look them up – yoga is so popular everywhere that you’re almost guaranteed to find such classes near you – and they organise open days for those interested.

Our favourite: Keep an eye out for those provided by

7. A Class Pass to a Yoga Studio

Is there a studio they’d love to try out but haven’t had the courage to take the leap yet? It’s been shown that practicing yoga in groups is more beneficial than just practicing by yourself at home – both physically and mentally! A gift of a few yoga classes at a hip studio will go a long way as yogis are in constant search for new environments where to challenge their practice and relax!

Our favourite: Triyoga offers a 5 class pass for £75

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